The Sulfur Hour +1

patrick-archive-1Sulfur Hour +1
Patrick Mcgean & Others
Thursday 6PM Pac


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This is a journey into night and day, a remembrance of reason in the land, and a return to reason. Sulfur addresses stupidity on the sort which has us wonder how we got to Mutt and Jeff as a choice to rebuild a nation stripped of desire for the greed of the corporate and union structure.

Organic sulfur was taken from us just as our jobs were sold out from under us, but with the return of sulfur comes a return to greatness, this is the greatest Nation on the Planet. Five for Five sings and we open our show with the lyrics, “What kind of world do you want? . . . History starts now.

The Draft for Jesse Ventura or Rocky Anderson will give us a real choice to greatness. Neither men profited from public office can you say that about Mutt or Jeff.

Tell everyone you know our special guest is Mrs. Flanagan, the wife of a Catholic Priest Impersonator. Johnny Carson will not be there but we intend to have as much fun.